Academy Student Scholarship Program Development
VAF is planning to focus a portion of its annual giving to a Student Scholarship or Grant Program to encourage Academy Students to continue their career training and certification at post secondary levels.

Corporate and Business Partnership Development
VAF seeks corporate and business partnerships with missions linked to VAF’s educational goals (1 & 2 above) to:

Provide donations of money and/or equipment and materials to support the development of academy programming;

Provide structured internships for academy students.

Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB) Partnership Program
VAF seeks to partner with school districts and public entities who are applying for Qualified Zone Academy Bonds to implement K-12 Academies.

The purpose of this VAF program is to provide research, expertise and share resources developed by VAF to guide and ensure the success of each partner’s academy development.

The Valley Academies Foundation “Applied Technology Center” Program
VAF seeks to develop and implement an “Applied Technology Center” Program to support research and applied learning experiences for local and distant (via Internet and Video Over IP) academy students, teachers, administrators, researchers and the general public interested in Academy Development and Programming.

VAF will rely on corporate and business partners to populate the Applied Technology Center with leading edge technology hardware and software.